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A vacation in vacatio cruises

It’s actually a floating hotel, four full meals, concerts, a casino, duty free and most importantly – visiting attractive resorts in several countries. Magic 1 specializes in vacation cruises and you will also find that luxury sailing is not an affair to be expensive either.

Vacation Cruises – Who is it for?

Vacation cruises can suit any situation. They can be a romantic experience for young couples and married couples who want to celebrate their love in the background with spectacular sunsets and a cozy breeze, just like in the movie. Sailing vacation is also suitable for families with children of all ages and vacant people, because there is no romantic atmosphere to find one or the other.

Vacation Cruises: Hotel on the Water

Vacation cruises give you all the joys and treats that a normal hotel offers at 카지노 먹튀 , but at Giant – this is a huge hotel that floats on the water. The whole purpose of the cruise is to enjoy your time: for convenience, uninterrupted enjoyment and food at the level of a luxury restaurant. The cruise on the Magnificent Magic 1 offers several routes and dozens of Mediterranean cruises every month.

Most popular are cruises to Cyprus or cruises to Greece, but there are also cruises that come to Turkey. Bottom line, the Magic Liner reaches almost everywhere in the Mediterranean, ensuring fascinating cruises.

Vacation cruises – attractions and activities

The ships on the resort offer a wide range of entertainment programs for the whole family, active activities for children, games rooms and a youth club. Every evening the main adult show is held and once the ship is at sea – you can also visit the casino. Are you tired? Go and indulge in a spa or bar that offers you the best drinks.

Accommodations in the resort cruises

Guest rooms are usually not large, but are optimally designed to ensure your comfort. The price varies according to the room location: an inner room will cost less than a room with a sea window. In addition, the higher the room, the higher the price. But trust us: in the holiday cruises the room will be where you spend the least time.


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