Working in the medical field can be a rewarding role as well as a financially rewarding one, but which sector is the right one for you? Well, one question you could ask yourself is would you rather draw blood or images? Forgiving the homograph, the question points you at two different sectors in the medical field that both have rewarding responsibilities. The drawing of blood for medical diagnosis is called phlebotomy, whereas the drawing of images points towards an ultrasound technician. An ultrasound is an image that displays a patient’s internal organs, commonly used for pregnant women.

A phelebotomist can either learn the skills necessary while employed as phelebotmist technician or within a classroom, but people interested in this career must still have a patient and calm demeanor. As you would expect, patients aren’t exactly fond of having needles inserted into them. Salaries vary for a phelebotomist with some top-end salaries being reported as $17.01 per hour, whereas the lower-end earnings average at $11.29 per hour or less. An average annual salary for a phelebotmist is $28,080 per year. The salary can vary for a number of different reasons, the main reason being the location from where a phelebotmist operates. For example, if you work within California you can expect to earn an average of $23.36 per hour, whereas working in Minnesota would earn you $15.53 per hour.

An ultrasound technician is responsible for all aspects of an ultrasound procedure. This includes ensuring the patient is aware of what is happening and preparing them accordingly as well as ensuring that all findings are documented correctly. An ultrasound technician is also responsible for the care and maintenance of the ultrasound machine itself.

For those who are interested in pursuing a career within ultrasound will need to enroll at a school that offers the relevant courses. The first stage merely requires students to undergo classroom teachings within a two-year period, which is matched with clinical training. Those who wish to expand their credentials further can apply to colleges that offer Bachelor’s Degree in Ultrasound Technology as well as other Cerificate programs.

As with a phelebotomist, the earnings for an ultrasound technician can vary dependant on what state you are working in. New starters can expect to earn an average of $19.00 per hour, which can rise to $34.00 as you gain more knowledge and experience. While not a consensus, employment in the past can be part of the decision making when deciding your salary, as can an employee’s school performance. None of this should sway you in your decision, just ensure that your studies are prioritized before anything else, while still ensuring you’re not running before you can walk. Learn the basics first, and everything else in the world of ultrasound will click into place accordingly.