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The next generation of planes is coming soon!

The tourism market is evolving very fast and it seems that very soon tourists will be able to rent private jets to any destination they want in the world, and not with a big price tag.

The evolution in the world of tourism and flight is very swift in especially in the recent years. Apart from the falling prices, the average tourist has many more options, both in terms of destinations and in terms of attractions, and you will be surprised to find that in the form of transportation as well. We are all familiar with the long queue at the airport and the tedious wait. Well, there is an alternative and it is available and ready.

The latest trend is the rental of Charter Private Jet to upgrade the transport route in a very significant way. First, when renting a private jet, there is no need to stand in line anywhere. Just set, arrive and fly. The customer is in full control of the schedule both round trip and return. Sometimes, there are also intermediate flights, and it is also possible to set a very clear schedule, so a lot of time is saved.

The hardest thing about flights, in the eyes of many, is overcrowding. When deciding to rent private jets you get maximum comfort. Spacious, comfortable chairs and also a place to move around between the chairs. The most significant upgrade is felt during the flight – you just will not want to land. Chairs so comfortable you will probably have a hard time finding on the ground.

Food Is Better!

Another significant upgrade is the food. The food on the flights is usually not good, because it is difficult to prepare durable dishes and for a very large amount of people. There is no food at all on low cost flights and there seems to be a problem in this area. On private flights you can order gourmet food that will greatly upgrade your stay in the air. The companies that rent private jets to private individuals work with chefs who aim to give customers a one-time experience – also in the culinary field.

Every private flight also has flight attendants from the company, who also upgrade the entire flight attendant experience. Stewardesses on a regular plane have to deal with dozens and sometimes hundreds of passengers. In this private flight, only you and your flight attendant. She is trained and can give you real stewardess service, as you have always dreamed of.

There is a lot of competition in the field of aviation and it seems that in the future we will see more and more companies that rent private jets to private customers. Today the service is mainly given to companies that want to impress customers or wealthy people. Prices are rapidly approaching the prices that average people can afford and a very significant leap forward is expected in the coming years.

Most people have only seen private jets in movies, but even now, you can save a little, share costs with other passengers and achieve a one-time experience in the form of a private jet flight to any destination you want on the globe.

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