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How to efectively clean your house

Today, there is almost no home that does not include household help on a regular basis as part of our daily routine.

This is so acceptable that it does not seem natural to clean our house with our own hands.

I personally think that when a couple begins a life together, it is advisable to practice a little “done with your own hands” before immediately bringing in outside help that becomes almost entirely dependent on it, not to mention the considerable financial expense.

With the “do it yourself” method, you get to know your needs, limitations and role sharing better. This is how you can set yourself up and in doing so helps your priorities.

There is the concept of “preparing the house for a maid,” and I call it “helping the maid.” If you have no problem washing dishes, or just have a dishwasher in the house, it would be a pity if the maid would stand every time and dishwash for an hour. Take advantage of her time and money for more important tasks and just leave a sink clean.

However, if folding laundry is a really critical task for you, set it up in advance and consider that your maid’s time and budget as mentioned is limited and you will have to settle on another issue.

Many see the help in the household not only as cleaning the apartment but expecting miracles and wonders in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorder. But its not that easy – cleaning the apartment is a tough task – and in these conrona times there is also a problem of germs. For exactly this purpose the UV Light Sterilizer was created – clean and efficient house strelizer that protects you and your family.

Conversely, if you do not want to touch a particular area. For example, desktop and computer area. Be sure to state this in advance.

Once in a while, you should at least be in the first hour to be with the assistant, to show her where things are and what your priorities are.

How to get a maid?

So of course here, too, as in many areas, the “word of mouth” method and friends’ recommendations do wonders. If you agree to settle for a day and do not insist on Thursday or Friday, you will probably find it easier to find someone.

Today, there are many websites on the Internet that are actually a workforce repository for assistants. Here the downside is the reliability of the information and the possibility of receiving recommendations from close friends / acquaintances.

There are companies that specialize in hiring cleaning personnel. The hourly rate will be higher than the industry average and minimum hours will be set for employment. Usually, if you do not have three-level land, the minimum hours you will be asked to pay for them will be much higher than your actual needs. The advantage is that all contact is actually done with the company and not with the employee.


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