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How to make yourself look better with hime cosmetics

With the help of cosmetic devices for home use, you can care for the facial skin, perform cosmetic treatments to cleanse the skin, fill in wrinkles, fill in expression lines, lighten pigmentation and renew the skin.

The skin is the largest human organ. The skin tissue is made up of the outer epidermal layer, the dermis layer and the hypodermis layer, which consists of oil and connective tissue. The epidermal tissues regenerate in 28-day cycles and protect against harmful substances and environmental conditions by the skin’s protective wall located between the epidermal layers. The epidermal protective membrane protects the skin by insulating the skin from harmful external materials, but it also blocks the absorption of nutrients, and preserves the nutrients and moisture in the skin.

Moisture and collagen protein in the dermis layer are the most important ingredients for softening the skin and maintaining healthy and well-groomed skin, a lack of water in the dermis layer will cause dry skin and wrinkles, while lack of nourishment will reduce the secretion of collagen protein and so the fiber part of the dermis will crack and produce wrinkles.

The hypodermic layer consists mainly of adipose tissue and connective tissue and its function is mainly to support, compress and soften the skin. The sinking of the connective tissue will also cause facial skin depletion and aging wrinkles. Statistically only 15% of cosmetic nutrients are fully absorbed into the skin when we apply cosmetic preparations manually.

Today, with the help of miniaturization technology, it is possible to use home-friendly and user-friendly devices and treat the skin professionally and with maximum comfort. With the dedicated devices, nutrients and cosmetic care can be absorbed into the skin, revitalize, wrinkle, express and wrinkle.

The devices work in a number of different technologies

The ultrasonic device utilizes ultrasound technology by using sound waves at a rate of one million beats per second, the device is effective for anti-aging, wrinkle filling, Удаление Морщин, tissue repair and cellulite remediation.

High and unique high-frequency vibration of one million beats per second is very effective in increasing skin permeability and introducing cosmetic nutrients through the insulating membrane of the skin and thus implementing the main function of adding water to cells and introducing nutrients into the skin, ultrasonic device and smart moisture test launched in 2006 They introduce moisturizers and nourishment through ultrasound waves, supplementing the water in the cells, improving density, delaying skin aging and smart measurement of the moisture content of the skin, facial skin and other body parts.

41 degrees of warm and soothing massage eases blood circulation, burns fat, increases metabolism and relieves facial wrinkles. This high-frequency, unique vibration reaches directly and deeply into the hypodermic layer, thus enhancing skin support by connective tissue, lifting the skin and firming. Effectively relieves cases of facial skin depletion, skin laxity, deep wrinkles and old age wrinkles. The device automatically sets the duration of operation of the ultrasound waves based on the test results,


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