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How to treat a family member in crisis?

In recent years, there has been an understanding among families that the best way to help a mentally ill family member is to obtain individual help at home or in other words, a personal trainer.

You can look at mental health reform in the Ministry of Health and learn from it about the different outlook on today’s patient. Today’s expectations and demands are much higher than in previous years. Following mental health reform, we are seeing a trend to increase patient functional capacity. Hostels are becoming less and less comfortable. No more hotel! A person has to prepare his own meals, take care of his personal hygiene, and function in an independent working environment independent of the hostel himself.
What is the difference between taking a patient and putting him in the institution and leaving him in his home and caring for him in a functional setting within the boundaries of the home? For example, if we take a person suffering from schizophrenia, most patients I have met are able to take care of their needs. Able to fulfill their personal hygiene duties (ADL functions in general). The difficulty begins with functions related to:

       Economic independence – Inability to manage budget reasonably.

       Mobility – Difficulty in using public transport.

       Time managment ? Difficulty filling holes of free time.

       Employment – Difficulty in holding a permanent job.

 What is the process by which a person comes to the hostel?

Most patients statistically get the psychotic attack around the age of 20-30. If there is a breakdown in which the person cannot be accommodated at home, he usually comes to a psychiatric hospital. Hospital stays vary depending on the severity of the condition. After a person returns to basic function he goes through a committee that determines whether he is eligible for a rehabilitation basket. If he is given a rehabilitation basket, his suitability for one or the other hostel is checked, and thus he is inlaid with the place that best suits him by choice and geographical location.

 The hostels are essentially built to provide minimal basic support for people who have difficulty functioning. That is, to be a hostel member I must be a person who does not necessarily function in ADL functions but has the ability not to harm himself or his environment.

As a result of the reform that I noted in mental health systems mainly community, all services received as part of hospital outpatient care can be obtained. Therefore the whole topic of drug / psychological treatment can be received in the community.


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