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How to select the perfect rug for your home!

In recent years, everyone knows that the carpet has another important role than its purpose to allow walking barefoot in a pleasant way. Hence, when you are about to buy a rug, do not think only about the texture, but there is a whole world of considerations that deserve to be considered – as long as you ask for the rug to properly adorn the spaces of the house. If so, what are the considerations for choosing a rug for home design? Well first of all let’s note that an Alpaca rug can be a spectacular addition both for the front door and the living room, and for the children’s room and bathroom, where for each room the dominant colors and ambiance that one seeks to produce should be taken into account.


Many people who buy rugs are actually wrong and buy a rug that is too small. There are those who purchase a rug that covers only the territory of the living room table, and there are those who purchase a rug and keep the sofas away from it. Well in both cases it is a mistake, even if seats that are far from the carpet produce a feeling of a relatively small room. Therefore, choose a rug size that allows the seating furniture to sit on, at least for both front legs.


When choosing a rug for home decor, go for the colors that are in the immediate area. Hence a decision has to be made whether to purchase a colored rug that will add interest, tension and interaction between the various items, or alternatively whether to prefer a rug with quieter colors so that it will only support the overall design harmoniously. That is, smooth rugs may create a more appropriate platform for other decorative items, and at the same time may get the most attention because they are eye-catching. There is no right or wrong answer, but it is an informed choice to be whole with.


Although a rug is a decorative item like any other work (sculpture or picture), it is still an element that sits on the floor and is passed over quite a bit. Therefore before purchasing one should consider the maintenance it requires and the time that can be invested in it. People who do not consider the maintenance parameter may be disappointed after a short time, even if the spectacular rug was filled with stains, and since there is no time to take care of it, the design of the room is damaged.


Today you can find a large variety of rugs made from a variety of materials. Hence you can find rugs made of coarse wool, rugs woven from ropes, rugs made from natural materials such as bamboo or leather, rugs made from wheel interiors and more. The range of materials is large and varied, partly because a rug no longer has to be soft and caressing to the touch, but often enough that it will be unique and eye-catching.

Locations and implications

When engaging in the craft of choosing a rug for home design, it should be taken into account that a rug may contribute a lot to the interior design, but it should also be taken into account that each place has its own implications. For example, a rug in the bathroom should be resistant to the touch of water, a rug in the foyer should be resistant to contact with shoes, a rug in a children’s room should be easy to clean, and the like. Pleasant choice.


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