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How can we protect ourselves from getting the flu (or the corona virus, much worse)

Every year the season of colds and influences affects the industry: it causes the absences of workers sick with the disease, or of workers who are forced to stay at home to care for others, and as a result impairs production output. Taking actions to prevent the spread of viruses may reduce the number of patients in the workplace and maintain labor productivity even in the more prone months of illness.

Ways of transmitting viruses and infection

Influenza viruses, colds and other infections are usually spread by coughing, sneezing, shards of saliva splashing during bursts of laughter or conversation, kissing, handshaking, using shared eating and drinking utensils, touching an object or surface on which the viruses are located and then touching the mouth or nose. Viruses can reach surfaces when people touch equipment or objects in public places (for example, chairs in public transport, in contact with silver coins) or that are common to several people such as door handles, cabinets, telephones, equipment in toilets, etc. Studies have shown that the flu virus can survive On surfaces and infect people within 2 to 8 hours after reaching the surface.An adult can infect others the day before the signs of the flu are seen and up to 5-7 days after illness.Children and adults whose immune systems are weak can transmit the virus for more than 7 days.Symptoms of the disease Are seen from one to four days after the virus has entered the body, so the patient can infect someone else with the flu virus before they know it has occurred and after they are already aware of the disease.


When a patient is sick it is best, ideally, to stay home until he feels better and at least 24 hours after his body temperature has dropped to a normal temperature (without the use of a fever-reducing drug). Those who come to work before recovering from the disease should take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus to co-workers.

The nose and mouth should be covered with a paper towel when coughing or sneezing and throwing it in the trash after use.

All workers should avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth as the viruses are transmitted in this way, and maintain a certain distance from people who show flu symptoms. The basic mask recommended by NIOSH (American National Organization for Occupational Safety and Health) for protection against virus carriers is an air-purifying mask marked N-95.
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