Dating someone new and getting to know whether or not they are the right person for you can be intimidating and exciting all at the same time. We often question whether or not this person could be the partner that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. We all show love, take love and form relationships differently and this diversity can make it difficult for some of us to analyze what is unfolding in a relationship. In many cases two people feel an attraction toward one another but could in no way, shape or form build a healthy institution from what they have to offer each other. How can we identify with whether or not we are falling in love with a soul mate or a playmate?

If you are questioning whether or not this person is right for you, you’ve probably already figured out that they wouldn’t be a great long term partner. The right mate is going to make you feel like they are, indeed, the person that you have been waiting for. They won’t beat around the bush or play head games even if it is the beginning of a relationship. If a new partner is interested in a long term liaison they often give subtle hints that indicate that they do want to be your lifelong friend and partner.

A playmate is often someone who we have a hard time reading into. While there may be a fantastic sexual connection there is not always a great deal of similarities outside of the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with a ‘hookup buddy’ unless they are leading you into false hopes and playing mind games– that’s when the relationship gets dangerous. Commonly, one person in a relationship is blind to the other person’s intentions while the other partner is taking advantage of their new found friend. The best way to go about clearing up what kind of intention this person has with you is by communicating with them directly.

Follow your gut when you are making any decision that involves your precious heart. If you feel that someone is taking advantage of your kindness and love, it’s best to leave the affair immediately. Save your greatness for someone who is going to have a greater appreciation for you and all of your essence. If you truly feel that someone could potentially be your soul mate, run with it! There is no one other than you who can recognize who makes you happy. If this person is appreciating you for who you are, stick to your guns! In many instances feelings are facts and your initial thought is often quite accurate. Don’t ever settle for someone doesn’t see the beauty that you have to offer them and above all, trust yourself.