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Wall painting can add a great value to your home!

Most people lead a busy and nervous lifestyle. Therefore, they deserve to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed place, where they can relax from the hardships of the day. For most people, this quiet place is home. Therefore, we must do everything to make it inviting and pleasant. One way to do this is by murals for home decor. Here are some methods for painting on walls, which you can save and try in the future, when you are ready to create a whole new atmosphere in the house you can invite the House painters Chicago to make your house special and beautiful!

Cloud method: best suited for decorating walls in the bedroom or bathroom. As soon as you enter a room with clouds painted on its walls, you will immediately feel refreshed. First you need to draw the outer lines of the clouds on the wall. Next, paint it light-colored around the cloud, and let it dry. Then paint the rest of the wall a darker color. The cloud method is great even if you want murals for children’s rooms.

The marble method: The main function of the marble method is to create a soft and relaxed feeling in the home space. It is best suited for bedrooms, and makes the room look sophisticated and rich.

Newspaper method: With this method the walls will stand out and the living room will look just great. You will love the fashionable and modern look of this method. Using many colors will give the room the maximum effect. In this process, we use a variety of torn newspaper pieces of different sizes, and stick them on the wall while the paint is still fresh. Pulling the newspapers from the wall will create a rough and simply beautiful finish.

Granite wall method: This technique is reserved for people who are interested in walls with a classic look. Hundreds of small dots are splashed on a freshly painted wall. It is recommended to use a square stencil to create a dramatic effect and an amazing finish in its beauty. You can also use a coral sponge to create an extra effect.

Diagonal stripes: This method takes the design of the room one level forward, by adding shades of yellow, brown and orange. You can choose the shades you like, of course, but in any case, the warm feeling created by using this method, will make everyone do their best to try to mimic your interior design.

Preparing the walls for painting and interior and exterior murals is the most difficult part of the painting process. But if you do not invest the necessary time to scrape, fill cracks in the putty, sand the walls and cover with a primer, the finished product will look accordingly.
Therefore, if you are interested in walls with a smooth and impressive finish or are interested in a mural that will look its best, follow these tips – only hire professionals!


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