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What are the advantages of cloud computing?

In today’s era, where companies use complex computing systems to manage the various industries of their work (emails, databases, customer list, inventory management, bookkeeping and more), one of the most important assets for a business or company is its database. A business that relies on computing systems must take care of backing up the information, as any damage to the business databases, whether fraudulent or due to human error, can cause serious losses and sometimes disrupt business.

In the past, business information backup required the establishment of a special server room in the company. Setting up such a server room involves a heavy initial investment: purchasing computers, installing air conditioners, installing fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, purchasing appropriate software and hiring computer specialists to deal with faults and routine maintenance. Today there is a convenient and cheaper solution for backing up the business information of companies, businesses and even individuals: cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing services are actually an outsourcing expense of the information backup service. Instead of setting up a server room in the business, you can contact a cloud computing service provider, which operates and maintains a computing system located on servers and remote computer centers, providing all the computing and backup needs of the business. This way the user (business owner, company employees, etc.) can access all the business information via the Internet or through a dedicated communication line. The term “cloud” in this context is used as an image for the Internet. The source of the expression is in graphical flow charts, in which the Internet is depicted in the form of a cloud.
Cloud computing can suit a wide range of users: large organizations, large and medium-sized businesses and also to an individual (single user).

Advantages of using cloud computing services

  1. As mentioned, the biggest advantage of cloud computing services is the cost savings. Using cloud computing services saves the business owner the initial investment involved in setting up a server room and the other associated costs, such as allocating manpower to operate and maintain the server room. These services are already performed by the vendor experts as part of the service it offers.
  2. Cloud Security is a being advantage in using cloud services. Using the cloud is much more secure than stroing data on your local computer. There have been numerous cases lately of hackers that steal data from computers that are not protected by proper firewalls.
  3. Cloud computing saves the user the understanding and technological knowledge required for backing up and securing databases. In fact, most companies are unable to reach the level of backup and information security offered by cloud computing providers, who have been dealing with and specializing in the subject for many years. The information in the cloud is safe.
  4. Cloud computing services essentially eliminate the user’s dependence on the physical location of the computers. Any user can access the company’s databases from anywhere. This means saving time and immediate and quick access to the company’s mechanisms.
  5. Cloud computing services are incredibly flexible and can be adapted to the size of the company and its changing needs. Each user can define his own requirements or needs (for example storage volume or loads) and change them according to the changes that take place in the company. The amount of resources can be increased or the number of services reduced relatively easily and immediately, with the customer paying only for the services he actually uses.
  6. The high efficiency of working with a cloud computing system allows for lower energy consumption, thus reducing environmental damage.


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