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What is the connection betweem meditation and music

Music has always been considered a tool for changing our emotional state.
Writer Stefan Zweig claimed that the blood-soaked battles of the French Revolution were won thanks to the “Marselise” anthem, which later became the French anthem, and carried on the lips of the Revolutionary Army.
Thanks to this song, the Legions enjoyed the enthusiasm and courage that brought the victory.
In the 1970s, experiments on the influence of music on plant growth began.
An American researcher by the name of Dorothy Ritalek has shown that plants exposed to rock music over time are creased and dead, whereas plants exposed to classical music grow faster than average and tend to grow toward the source of the music.
Other researchers have repeatedly repeated this experiment. The plants have no surgical or musical taste.

Music affects the intelligence.

Music, then, is a vibration that carries, in addition to its cultural value, also an objective physical effect.
Studies conducted in the US have shown that children who received music training received an average of 37 points more than those who did not receive music education on the 2SAT exams. If you want to prepare for the exam, you can buy soundcloud plays in online website.
Researcher Don Campbell 3 was the first to point out the phenomenon that lamented the “Mozart effect”
He showed that exposure to complex classical music and especially to his piano concerto temporarily raises the IQ of children by 8 points.

In a book focused on children, Don Campbell showed that children’s continued exposure to classical music significantly improves emotional and mental functions and its dimensions, further research has confirmed many of his findings 4.

Not all music evokes the “Mozart Effect” There are works that do not enhance or even impair the IQ level.
Different music stimulates different areas of the brain.
In ancient India, music used as a tool for healing and meditation.
Musical artists were considered healers and earned respect and influence.
Listening to musical work inspires us to resonate with a certain emotional frequency.
It creates an emotional and mental state within us that suits the quality of the work.
Therefore, music can be used as a tool for consciousness change and as part of yoga practice.

It is therefore very important to choose the right music to listen to

Principles for examining the influence of music

Slow-tempo music with an emphasis on percussion and rhythm such as African music, Brazilian music and Australian (Aboriginal) Australian music is ground-based yoga.

This type of music creates a sense of grounding, attachment to the body and rhythm, and contributes to mental stability and lowering the rate of body and mind activity.

Medium and fast rhythm music, which combines stringed winds and keyboards such as jazz, pop and oriental music, is connected to the water foundation and causes movement, flow, increasing social ability and sensuality.
Turbulent music, emphasis on drums and wind instruments such as the music in action films is related to the foundation of the fire and evokes a sense of self-confidence, dynamism, courage and power to perform difficult tasks.


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