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Why Chiropractics is a way of life?

As opposed to symptom, health and way of life it is necessary and impossible not to listen to the body and, if necessary, to make the necessary changes, even if uncomfortable, in order to regain what we have lost. There is no need to expand on the chiropractic examination because there are countless books on orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic examinations that the chiropractor has learned to perform. Briefly, the chiropractor, when diagnosing and examining the patient for the first time, studies the patient’s skeleton on each joint and every vertebra, studies the manifestations of tendencies and way of life and their effect on the body, looks at and identifies the disorder and imbalance that leads to the symptomatic response and then informs the patient if he can Help in his case.

At this point, the chiropractors differ in their approach to the treatment recommendation. There are those who will treat the cause of the symptoms, empower the patient’s health, teach him to take part and responsibility in the healing process and recommend treatments from this awareness. There are others whose full attention will be given to trying to get rid of the symptom to relieve the patient’s pain. I belong to the first group. If the chiropractor believes in health, he will probably recommend the patient to take care of his health all his life. If the chiropractor has learned and also learned the benefits of his profession, surely know what he is unable to do and make sure to complete the patient’s health picture and even recommend additional specialists who will be involved in the treatment process such as nutritionists, massage therapists, osteopaths, Chinese healers, Chiropractic Dubai, reflexologists, physical therapists. And so on.

 After a series of treatments, a comparative test is performed to assess the condition and satisfaction of the therapist. It is important to note that in cases where damage is endangered to the health and life of the patient, the need for X-rays, CT and MRI is necessary, and it is important that every report be with the therapist, although 95% of patients in the chiropractor’s clinic are not in life-threatening condition. With patients, situations occurred in which both orthopedics and chiropractic could not help with photography alone, but the patient’s desire and ambition were to heal naturally and non-invasively and suddenly the patient’s desire overpowered the photogenic evidence.

During treatment and at each treatment, the chiropractor assesses the patient’s condition and response to treatments performed so far, touching, moving and releasing vertebrates to continue to study the patient, his body, good and bad habits and daily functioning, as opposed to examining the patient’s response to the drug or injection. This ratio does not change if the patient is a baby, pregnant woman or a very elderly person. Every treatment is done and needs to be done with the feeling that the chiropractor is caring for his child, spouse or parent – so much so as to show sensitivity and listening. I often commend the patient for his choice of chiropractic, for taking responsibility for the healing process, for his tolerance and for allowing chiropractic to help him. This is why I love the chiropractor in me – he is personal, human, dedicated, full of motivation, he has chosen life as a natural healing force and he is looking to get better and help me heal more and more every moment.


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