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Why do we love card games?

Card games are usually perceived as something third and negative in our ears, usually it reminds us of a  카지노 먹튀 , or gambling, however, not all card games are in negative contact, there are many games that are fun to play in bunches and enrich the experience with pleasure and even there are card games that can be played Alone and spend time enjoying and refining concentration. You have read well, the refinement of concentration. With the card game you can sharpen your concentration and not just pass the dead time. How to do it?

For example, the game of solitaire, which means patience, develops our concentration by showing us a number of cards and we need to think of the efficient way of concentrating on ordering whole serials from 1 to 13, in the shortest time or exchanging to break the previous record or friend.

For example, when playing with my friend, each on a different computer, I am mobile and stationary, breaking the record of both of us both on time and on points.

Apart from breaking my record and that of my friend, I also realized that it sharpened my concentration, the more I played, it also implied other issues in my life, you probably ask, how did I understand it? And the answer is that I slowly noticed behavioral patterns like order, before that I wasn’t really organized and I would say to myself, “Well this will be done tomorrow” and I would forget for hours that thing I was rejecting, or well not having that detail at the moment is irrelevant. It turned out to be very relevant and I had to pay attention to the small details so that all the work flowed properly. That I always had to go back and fix it, or pay attention 10 times that the order of things or things I should have done This card game changed my perspective on life, call me “affected” but it worked, I am not in favor of any kind of medicine, I never pretended to disagree with doctors or others who were quick to prescribe “Ratlin”, I am in favor of healthier things that will brainwash me and if it is also accompanied by pleasure what is fun and what is good.


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