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Best things you can buy for your cat

Sand for cats
As for choosing cat sand. There is a great variety of sand types for cats: gravel that is considered relatively cheap but tends to stink quickly and disperse a lot of dust, a superhole which is crystallized, absorbs the odor and crystallizes into a lump, and can be easily cleaned such as: Practical, Abercrine, Teddy Cat and more. Sand-based wood like Kets Best is more natural and environmentally friendly, and the most innovative crystal sand, granules that look like a dishwasher salt absorb the urine and form around the stool. Crystal sand is considered the best odor neutralizer, easy to clean and friendly. However, there are cats who do not like his touch on their feet.

Adult cat food
When it comes to adult cats – good quality dry food that meets all the cat’s dietary requirements can fit. Read more How to choose the right and healthy cat food? Register here for a link to the Cat Nutrition and Healthy Guide

Plates for water and food
Stainless steel plates for food and water It is preferable to purchase stainless steel plates for food and water, intended for cats.
Today, after years of experience, I less recommend using plastic plates because there are cats that develop a rash in the chin area, due to the contact with the plastic plate.

Cat Bed – Buying a bed for your catis a must. A bed can really effect on your cat’s health and literraly make his life much better and more interesting. You can buy a number of cat beds in the market, but the best one is from this store.

Grooming and cleaning time is your quality time with your cat, it is advisable to accustom your cat to brushing your teeth from infancy. Purchase a suitable thimble or toothbrush for the cat and start accustoming the cat puppy to brushing the two to read about the importance of brushing the two Click Here

They also purchased guillotine nail clippers or cat nail scissors, these are scissors tailored to your cat and started this operation accustomed them to this from infancy and thank me later.

Brush for combing – One of the common claims of cat owners is that cat hair is scattered throughout the house, so it is recommended, from infancy, to accustom the cat to combing and brushing the hair. This is also essential for maintaining the cat’s fur health and preventing contacts and “dreadlocks”. This is a necessary part of raising a cat and an important part of maintaining a cat’s health

The scraping surface can be simply a scratchy carpet from compressed corrugated cardboard or it can be a scratching and sharpening post for a luxurious cat and made up of scraping surfaces and fancy columns. Your choice is budget and with consideration in the place assigned to the home. In any case, in all the scratching positions the scratching surfaces contain catnip is the cat-pulling material. It is advisable to start with a simple scratching carton for the cat and hence move on. It is a product that gets worn out and will buy many more throughout the cat’s years of life.


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